What should you expect?

Many attractive and dynamic people fail to reach their goals. One reason is that they do not market themselves wisely. New Media creates the opportunity for powerful branding. Yet many professionals use ordinary, unimaginative photos within their media presence.

Whether you are working for yourself, representing a larger company, or seeking a career change, you need photos for multiple media channels. In this fast-paced digital world, a professional HeadShot demonstrates that you take yourself and your career seriously.

KelRay Photo collaborates with you to achieve compelling HeadShots for maximum impact. The best images reveal you as trustworthy, attractive and genuine. Such outcomes are achieved by a photographer passionate about the art and masterful with lighting. This is the KelRay Experience.

The Process

A HeadShot session is typically about 30 minutes in length but can be longer as needed. In a 30 minute session, the first 15 minutes is spent discussing style, direction and format. Once you understand the process, you will be in the chair only about 15 minutes. At that point, you will know exactly what to do. We will take a few minutes to dial in the lights, fitting them specifically to your features and skin tone. Such intentional, individualized lighting adds distinction to the images.

The last 10 minutes involves the actual photos. Efficient use of your time is part of the KelRay Experience. All you need to do is “be.” The captures will be pristine in exposure and composition, providing 25 to 50 images per 30-minute session. Your slideshow will be ready within 2 days for proofing. You will choose 3 images for us to retouch, with options for more if desired.

Preparing for your Session

Beforehand, practice various expressions before a mirror or video feed. Use a phone camera to practice smiles, serious looks, and thoughtful or whimsical poses. In these practice sessions, aim for expressions that feel natural and congruent with you. Try to communicate with your eyes, but do not open them so wide that you look frightened or shocked. In fact, for some photos we will almost want a squint. We call it a squinch (half squint). Keep your back straight, even if you are leaning forward. Relax, breathe slowly, think pleasant thoughts. And yes, don’t forget to breathe. Bring anything you might possibly need for the shoot. If people are accustomed to seeing you in glasses, wear them during the shoot.

Because you are investing time and money to gain a professional HeadShot, you will want to prepare for the experience. If you need to whiten your teeth or increase your tan, begin that process a few weeks before the photo shoot. Sunburn or spray tan do not look good on camera. One of the things we go for is very natural skin tone. If you have dry lips, use lip balm for a few days before the shoot. Use a light moisturizer on the face daily for a week prior to the shoot. If you need a haircut, get one a week or two before the shoot (for men, at least 2 days before). Do not eat a large meal just before the session. Feeling bloated during the shoot is no good. We are not going to take much of your time. You will be done soon. 

 Just before your scheduled appointment, avoid alcohol, which may cause red eyes. If needed, use eye drops. Pluck and clean up eyebrows and other unwanted hair about the ears and nose. (Men should get a fresh shave with a new razor, shaving cream and moisturizing after-shave lotion.) Make sure that nails are tidy and clean. If you wear polish, use a neutral color that won’t clash with your clothes. Make sure hair and teeth look good. If you wear jewelry, aim for subtlety. (Women should wear makeup that matches skin tones.)

Wear colors that flatter you. In general, avoid overly bright colors, stripes and checks, crazy patterns, big buttons and logos. Solid colors are usually best. Clothes with contrasting necklines, colors and shapes are good. Avoid glitter, shimmer and shine. If you want to include something that wrinkles easily, do not wear it in the car. Change into that outfit after arrival.

This is a MAJOR KEY:  It is very important that YOU LIKE what you're wearing. So if in doubt, wear it. These are YOUR PHOTOS. We will do well, either way.

When you arrive at the studio, you are prepared. Forget all of this and just "be."